OFFoam®, has been developed in 2001 at AYKiM laboratories. After 70 trials, OFFoam® SP70® was born with its primary objective, the quality.

OFFoam, includes both features of defoaming (killing the foam) and anti-foaming (preventing foam formation) and as a 2-in-1 product, it distinguishes itself from its competitors.

OFFoam​® Series

  • OFFoam® SP®  = Standard Performance

  • OFFoam® SP- AF®  = Standard Performance - Apeo Free

  • OFFoam® HP®  = High Performance

  • OFFoam® SEL®  = Silicone based 

  • OFFoam® TP®  = Powder based

  • OFFoam® P®  = Eco-Performance

  • OFFoam® W®  = Wax Systems

Mineral Oil Based Foam Prevention Agents


Hydrophobic Component Foam Prevention Agents


Silicone Based Foam Prevention Agents


Powder Based Foam Prevention Agents

*Viscosity Test Method: DIN 4 / 25°C

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